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Music for Water (Paris)

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Music for Water (Paris)

Friday, March 22, 2013


UNESCO Auditorium

On the occasion of the “World Water Day” and in celebration of Maestro Tan Dun’s honorary title  of “UNESCO Good will Ambassador “

Presented by Melody for Dialogue among Civilizations Association, the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, and Parneous

Third in a series of  “Music for Water”  will be performed by Maestro Tan Dun at UNESCO, Paris on 22 March 2013 or the World Water Day.  UNESCO has been nominated to coordinate water related activities of the UN System in 2013.  Maestro Tan Dun will be nominated as the UNESCO Good Will Ambassador on this day and Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations Association will organize a magnificent grand concert in the UNESCO auditorium in this respect. The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra will accompany Maestro Tan Dun in this program.

The launching of our Photo Contest Campaign for Water Awareness and Advocacy is postponed to a later date this year. Instead, in collaboration with Ruby Foundation, we will unveil an exhibit of Porcelain: Water and Music at UNESCO.

A major exhibit of Porcelain on the theme of Water Music will be held in the Exhibit Hall of UNESCO.

Program (PDF)
Press Release (DOC/French)
Tan Dun: Les larmes de l’océan (PDF)